Tameling Verhuur, technical and administrative management for your rented property

Tameling Verhuur can help you for technical and administrative management. We take care of all your management tasks of property. The real estate agents of Tameling Verhuur take care of at least the following;

  • Collect of rents/collect of HOA contributes;
  • Rent payments per month/ contributes HOA per month;
  • Resolving complaints and faults;
  • Indexing of rents and rent increase;
  • Notification of future maintenance

Because every property owner is different you can decide for yourself what things we will do and what things you want to do yourself. The price you have to pay us for this is never more than 8%. This percentage is about the rent (+ service and general costs) we collect for you.

When you are interested we can make an appointment at the office to specify your wishes.