Can I let my house temporarily?

You can let your being empty house temporarily. For this you need a license of the government in the place where the house is located. This has been regulated in the law.

Rent being empty houses is easier

The cabinet has made it easier for house owners to temporarily let there house (what is for sale). This is for example the case if you want to buy a new house or already have bought a new house. The following modifications have entered by the 1st of July 2013.

Let your house (temporarily) when its for sale

  • The landlord can let his house, there are no restrictions from the goverment for the amount of rent.
  • The government cant make any restrictions to temporarily rent when this is not discribed in the law.
  • The license for temporary rent are granted for 5 years.
  • An owner cannot have more than 2 houses at the same time let temporarily.

Types woonruimten for temporary rent

The following buildings are possible to let temporarily according the law:

  • Livingspace in a building (houses or rooms in for example an empty office, school or hospital)
  • Livingspace in a house that is for sale which is never has been lived in (new build house).
  • Livingspace in a house that before the house became empty the owner lived in for at least 12 months
  • Livingspace in a house that in the 10 years before the house became empty its been let for maximum 3 years
  • Living space in a rent house that will become renovated or demolaged. The modernisation or demolition must be serious/big and planned at short term

Government license request

At Tameling Verhuur we will accompany you with requesting the license for temporary rent of your property.

No hiring protection at temporary rent

With temporary rent on the basis of the law the normal hiring protection rules do not apply. The tenant has therefore no hiring protection at suspension of hiring. The lease must be, however, for at least 6 months and applies there a notice of minimum 1 month for the tenant and minimum 3 months for the landlord. The lease stops automatically if the license has gone. If a lengthening of the license has been requested and the decision has not yet been taken, the lease passes through.