Our story

A few years ago (2014) we were house hunting in this region, while viewing a rental home in Katwijk we were surprised at the inadequate way in which we were 'helped. That’s where our idea and ambition arose: "we would do this with much more heart".

Living is one of the first basic needs of people, it is not just a product that you purchase, it is your home that you are searching for. It is important that we as a mediator empathize with the wishes and needs of people who come to us. This applies not only to the wishes of the home seeker but also certainly to those of the landlords. We as Tameling Verhuur focus on 'the perfect match' between tenant and landlord. We know from experience how essential this match is, managing expectations and keeping an eye on the future means that we build fruitful long-term relationships with our tenants and home owners. As a result, we see that we are growing strongly year after year in the number of transactions, in 2018 we even grew 300%. Of-course we owe this success not only to ourselves, the cooperation with fellow estate agents in the region is indispensable.

We enjoy our work. It is great to see how happy we can make people with our services. Relieving worry from helping people on their way to unfamiliar situations is what our profession is all about.

Danny & Marijke Tameling