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Going on holiday? Remember these tips!

If you'll be away from home for a while, it's wise to make sure your property looks lived in and that you can leave worry-free. Tameling Rental's tips will help you do just that:

1. Safety and Security

Lock all doors and windows properly: Check thoroughly that all windows and doors are properly closed and locked before you leave. This is essential to prevent break-ins.

Use timers for lights: Install timers on your lights to make them turn on and off automatically at different times. This creates the illusion that people are at home, which can deter potential intruders.

2. Neighbourhood prevention

Enlist trusted neighbour: Ask a neighbour you trust to keep an eye out during your absence. They can report possible suspicious activity and even collect your mail to prevent it from accumulating, which may suggest no one is home.

3. Energy efficiency

Switch off non-essential appliances: Before you leave, make sure all non-essential electrical appliances are switched off and the plugs are unplugged. This not only helps save energy but also reduces the risk of fire due to unintended use of electronics.

4. Care for Plants and Pets

Arrange care for plants and pets: If you have plants or pets, make arrangements with a friend, relative or neighbour to look after them during your absence. Regular care will keep everything in good condition and keep your home looking lived in.

5. Documentation and preparation

Make a checklist: Before leaving, make a detailed checklist of all the tasks that need to be done to leave your home safe and well-maintained. Check everything thoroughly before you leave to avoid unpleasant surprises.

With these tips, you will be well prepared to leave your home safe and well-maintained during your holiday or absence. By taking these simple but effective precautions, you can enjoy your time away with peace of mind, knowing that everything is well taken care of.