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Interview with Tameling Verhuur - your rental agent in Katwijk and surrounding areas.

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Tameling Rental: 'We are experts in letting propertie

Danny Tameling discovered the need for rental properties and their management in 2014 and started his own rental agency. 'In recent years, we have become the market leader in Katwijk with a portfolio of over 500 properties that we successfully let and manage,' he says. An interview with Danny & Marijke Tameling.

"We entered a niche market in 2004," says Danny Tameling. "Letting and managing properties is quite difficult. What we do is: we act as intermediaries between tenants and landlords. On the one hand, we look for reliable tenants who treat the property with care and fulfil their financial obligations. On the other hand, we manage rental properties on behalf of owners, for example for landlords who are abroad. It is not difficult to rent out a house yourself, but there are legal hooks and eyes, and the moment managing rental properties becomes your job, there are tax implications. We prevent people from stepping into all kinds of pitfalls."    


Large supply

Anno 2024, Danny Tameling's company manages some 200 rental properties on behalf of landlords and has a total of 500 properties available to accommodate people looking for a home, for example expats from ESA-ESTEC. Danny: "Because our supply is so large, tenants who need a larger property over time can easily move on."

What is Tameling Rental's strength? Marijke Tameling: "We have really specialised in rental property management in recent years. We are the only letting agent in Katwijk. As a result, we know the market well. Moreover, homeowners regularly call us for advice on letting their house and the regulations that come with it. People see us as experts and that proves that we have accumulated a lot of experience."

Steady growth
Danny Tameling's one-man company has grown over the past 10 years and now has four employees: Danny himself, rental agent Marijke, office manager Jana van Dijk and assistant agent Anne Kralt, with Danny and Jana mainly working behind the scenes while Marijke and Anne liaise with tenants. 

The management of leases has been digitised by Danny. It has led to steady growth for the company, which moved from Valkenburg to larger premises on Heerenweg in 't Heen four years ago. 

Looking further
But Danny and Marijke are looking further. Further organic growth is on the wish list, but they are also open to taking over a property portfolio. At the same time, they have also taken their first steps on the holiday home market with the purchase of two chalets in Italy. But most importantly, they feel it is important to serve a loyal customer base with good staff. 

Danny and Marijke conclude: "We do our work with great pleasure and from our hearts. We do what we do well and we reap the benefits: 2023 was a good year. Happy to continue this way in the coming years."